Inspirational Christian Books for Women

IrrespectivInspired womane of your age, you should keep learning about how to be a better Christian woman.


The process of life-long learning involves reading, and reading Christian books especially.


This list contains some insightful books which are known for their life-changing powers.


I’ve compiled this list based on the strong conviction that the books are quite inspiring and written to address different areas of the female life.


All over the world, women of different cultures and languages seek avenues to understand their womanhood and their roles as Christian sisters, wives, and mothers.


With this pursuit of purpose in mind, I hope you’ll find the answers you seek in the book and grab your copies without further delay.


Best Christian Books for Women

Like men, a woman’s need to understand her existence is crucial. With this top-rated literature, you’ll get a clear picture of God’s purpose for your life.


Also, you’ll get to appreciate the insight of the authors as they carefully structured their words with wisdom to encourage all their readers to stand out among the crowd like women in the Scriptures.


So, if you’re ready for a closer walk with Jesus, stay with me for an enjoyable read.


  1. Jesus Always – Sarah Young echoes the day-to-day reality of most people which involves feeling sad and lonely as a result of life’s challenges. In this 365-day devotional, you get reminded that nothing is as important as the joy which springs from a daily walk with Jesus and a deeper understanding of His word.


  2. When God Doesn’t Fix it – Sometimes, we pray for God to take that “thorn in the flesh,” just as Paul did. However, the problem remains. Laura Story shares her personal experience with pain and hardship and how she learned that trials can help us develop a stronger faith.


  3. Girl, Wash Your Face – This is one of the best selling Christian books for women. In each chapter, the book addresses twenty lies that women believe which prevent them from finding inner peace and fulfillment. The fact that Rachel Hollis honestly tells her life story makes this one of the books every Christian woman should read.


  4. The Power of a Praying Wife – Every wife must appreciate the power of prayer and use it to connect with her husband on a deeper level. That’s the main focus of this book. For Stormie Omartian, a wife’s prayers can empower her husband in all areas of his life.


  5. Awaken – Awaken is one of the best inspirational Christian books for women, as it fortifies you on a daily basis. With this 90-day devotional, you can grow your faith in God and firmly face the future trusting that the Holy Spirit will empower you.


  6. Lies Women Believe – Again, it’s true that women have some erroneous beliefs about life, sin, God, and more. Nancy and Dannah make it clear that with biblical truths, you can cease to believe those lies and become more in control of your life and family.


  7. The Anna Anointing – This book will awaken in you the zeal to do like Anna did, and spread God’s Word until it reaches the ends of the earth. If you’re looking for the best Christian books for women that emphasize winning souls, this is one you shouldn’t omit.


  8. 31 Prayers for My Future Husband – Before you say “I do,” you must learn how to go on your knees and pray for your future husband. Jennifer and Aaron Smith put together 31 prayers that every single lady should make concerning the man she’d spend the rest of her life with.


  9. Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be – This 90-day devotional is the perfect fit for you if you’re concerned about fulfilling your purpose as a woman. Donna Partow encourages and teaches you how to move from where you are now to where you were created to be.


  10. Bad Girls of the Bible – Liz uses her signature book to dramatically share the accounts of ancient stories which remain relevant in shaping the life of the modern woman. Discover truths that can distinguish you from every other woman in the world.


  11. Zip It – During your search to find the best selling Christian books for women, don’t forget Karen Ehman’s book on how to use words. This speaking guide carefully uses the Scripture to educate women on how to speak only healing and spirit-lifting words.


  12. Unexpected – Christine Caine uses Unexpected to remind women across the world that even amid uncertainties, you can keep going forward. This read will show you practical ways of accepting the unexpected and relying on God to guide your steps.


  13. The Prayer Map for Women – Have you always dreamed of an innovative way to pray to God about all the things in your life? With this prayer journal, you can write your thoughts and string them in prayer, believing that God will grant them, and your prayer life will get even stronger.


  14. The Smart Woman’s Guide – Mary Hunt describes the concerns that arise after retirement and how most women feel blue about doing what they really want. In this book, you get detailed advice on how to plan for your future and bring your dreams to life.


  15. Growing in Gratitude – Mary K. Mohler’s gratitude book is perfect for you and your girlfriends or women group. It teaches you not just how to be grateful but how to appreciate God for both the big and small things.


  16. Living a Life You Love – Joyce Meyer remarkably shows her readers the need to shift their focus from life situations to love and joy. Things won’t always be all right, but you can learn to keep joy in your heart. Add this book to your collection of inspirational books for women.


  17. Adamant – Are you seeking the undiluted meaning of truth and how to live your life in a way that you don’t get corrupted by the world? Read Adamant to get a good grasp of what it means to value the absolute truth of God’s Word above what people think.


  18. One-Minute Inspirations for Women – When you have too little time to spare but really want to grow your faith, this quick read devotional can help. Elizabeth George shares Bible stories and verses which can keep you within God’s will.


  19. Redeeming Love – Although this is a novel, it communicates God’s undying love for humanity. Francine Rivers does an amazing job of retelling the Bible story of Hosea and his ever-straying wife.


  20. Business Boutique – So, I decided to add this business guide to this list of inspirational Christian books for women. It simplifies business lingos like marketing, budgeting, pricing, and tax. With this handbook, you can successfully be a businesswoman and mother, living your life in a Godly way.


Altogether, these books are what you need to move from being just a woman to becoming the industrious and honorable woman of Proverbs 31.


Whether you’re a daughter, mother or grandmother, add these Christian books for women to your library. And prepare to experience a deeper relationship with God and your loved ones.


Do you agree with this list? Feel free to make suggestions and share your thoughts below in the comment section.

  1. These inspirational books for women are great materials for every woman of God who wants to please Him in every way. It’s a shame that I do not have a copy of even just one of these.

    Blessing by Laura Story is one of my favorite inspirational Christian songs. Like her, I believe that blessings come through trials because trials and difficulties are one of God’s ways to strengthen our faith and develop our character.

    So I will be checking out her book “When God Doesn’t Fix it.” There have been times in my life when I questioned God for allowing me to go through tough times. Reading other people’s story will help me understand God’s dealings in my life and will give me assurance that God really does allow these things to happen for our own good.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Amen Alice,

      I couldn’t agree more and I’ve also found that most of my blessings occur through trials as well. While your in the midst of a trial, it’s hard to make sense of why God is allowing it to happen but you just have to stay mindful of how he blessed Job after his trials and keep this scripture in mind: Job 8:7 “Your beginning will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” I hope you find the right books to encourage you during the tough times and thank you for sharing such heartwarming thoughts!

      God Bless!

  2. I could remember when some storms gathered in my home, the devil wanted to tear my marriage apart. Then someone introduced the book, the Power of a Praying Wife to me. God calmed the storm once I put all I read into practice.

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