The 14 Best Christian Books for Teenage Girls

Summer is a great time to read more Christian books and grow closer to God. Of course, many girls are more interested in traveling the world, crushes, fashion, and social media.


However, I recommend checking out this list of the Top 14 Christian books for teenage girls for any girl who’s trying to figure out her life. Christian teen girls


Now, don’t get me wrong, those things aren’t bad, but as the Scripture says in Eccl 3:1, “There is a time to every purpose under the heaven.”


Teen years are perfect for setting your priorities straight and deciding on the kind of woman you want to become.


Reading these books will shape your mind and help you face reality with the truth in one hand and God’s power in the other. That’s how to be a distinguished Christian youth, and you can strive to be one just like Becca Eller.


You can check out this video below where she provides advice for Christian girls:


These books have been carefully selected because of their content, package, and lasting life impacts. So, if you’re looking to read books on how to be a godly teenage girl, you’re at the right spot.


Top 14 Christian Books Teenage Girls

Here, you’ll find a list of well-researched Christian books. You will love these books for their personal experiences, insight, easy-to-understand Bible messages, and lasting impression on your mind.


As it’s commonly said, you should read books that make impressions on you. The following novels can provide you with the proper guidance to seek God in newer ways and make firm decisions to shirk life’s distractions and face the future with godly determination.


1. For Girls Like You

For Girls Like You! A Devotional for Tweens

Without the best Christian books for young adults, many young girls may believe the errors the media and society tell them about themselves.

The beauty and fashion industry tells you what you should look like, the best clothes to wear, and how to catch boys’ attention. But in this book, Wynter Pitts adjusts your worldview. She focuses on Scriptural teachings, thereby making this devotional a go-to for any young girl seeking to know God’s purpose for her.

This unique book is indeed for girls like you, and you don’t want to miss the read.


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2. Bad Girls of the Bible

Bad Girls of the Bible: And What We Can Learn from Them

Higgs tells the story of biblical women using a novel format. This approach brings to mind

God’s endless love for anyone who sincerely seeks to do His will and live a godly life.

If you want to become a godly teenage girl who honors God in all her ways, dresses the right way, and builds the right friendships, you would love this Christian book for teenage girls.


3. You’re God’s Girl

You're God's Girl: A Devotional for Tweens

Every girl, at one point or the other, questions her identity and struggles with accepting herself. This book is a true inspiration for accepting yourself as God’s girl and living for the promises which God has for you.

Nothing could be more encouraging than knowing that the way God sees you is the way you should see yourself. And you are special in his eyes regardless of what people say or how they make you feel.

Wynter Pitts says it’s not about what you think of yourself. This interesting devotional for tweens confirms that the best way to know the true you is to walk with God and learn true kindness, faithfulness, and obedience. Purchase this book to find out who God made you to be.


4. A Girl After God’s Own Heart

A Girl After God's Own Heart: A Tween Adventure with Jesus

Bestselling author Elizabeth George helps young girls understand that their lives can be exemplary. Irrespective of how young you may be, you can make strong decisions using the scriptural truths in this book and positively influence people in your life.

This is one of the best Christian books for teenagers. which takes you on an adventure and presents healthy guidelines for living righteous and holy lives.


5. A Girl’s Guide to Making Really Good Choices

A Girl's Guide to Making Really Good Choices

With a calm, truthful, and wise tone, bestselling author Elizabeth George explains the true meaning of womanhood to girls. Her truly helpful book stands out as a must-read for those who are passionate about their faith.

It opposes the definition of womanhood by friends and the society, and shows girls between ages 8 and 12 that they can understand the really complex matters of life. George discusses attitude, parents, as well as crushes among other things, therefore helping girls to make the right decisions.


6. NKJV God Girl BibleNKJV God Girl Bible

What makes this Bible really interesting is the way it discusses real life issues which affect girls every day. From friendship, parents, school to college plans, there’s so much that the teen girl has to go through.

The NKJV God Girl Bible demonstrates your purpose using the KJV and remarkable content by Haley DiMarco. You’ll find facts about each book of the Bible, reading plans, devotionals, prayer, and a host of other study help tips.


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7. She Reads TruthShe Reads Truth

While most Christian books for teenage girls focus on the practical areas of a young girl’s life, this inspiring book centers on the vital role of the Scriptures in a girl’s life.

By sharing the true experiences of many women who have learned the value of the Bible, Myers and Williams show you that you are incomplete without God’s Word.


8. Chasing JupiterChasing Jupiter

Many girls love the idea of sharing Christian fiction books with their non-believer friends.

This book about 16 year old Scarlet Blaine inspires young girls to keep hope alive even when nothing in life seems to be working out.


9. Caught in BetweenCaught In Between: Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out

Adolescence is filled with a lot of confusion, challenges, and overwhelming moments if you’re not well-prepared. This comprehensive book helps you to define who you are as a Christian and maximize your God-given abilities to get the best of life.

You don’t have to be confused. Dan Scott shows you how to prepare for your teen years.


10. 3-Minute Devotions for Girls3-Minute Devotions for Girls: 180 Inspirational Readings for Young Hearts

This amazing easy-to-read devotion provides you the needed inspiration and push to get out of bed every day.

Janice Hanna reminds you of how much God loves you and assures you that you never have to go through life alone. Your heavenly Father has got you.


11. InterruptedInterrupted: A Life Beyond Words

Rachel Coker sure knows how to write Christian books every teenager should read. Allie Everly struggles with different blows and decisions including mourning her mother and preparing for World War II. You would find this story of the power of love absolutely inspiring.


12. In Front of God and EverybodyIn Front of God and Everybody

Do you ever wonder how to treat people with a crazy character? Some people just seem so weird and unlovable that you probably feel God won’t accept them either. But this book by K.D. McCrite shares the confessions of April Grace and how she learned to love the so-called strange folks.


13. Do Hard ThingsDo Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

Alex and Brett Harris have succeeded in making this fantastic book one of the top Christian books for teenagers. Its powerful content proves that teen years aren’t for lazing about but for preparing to live lives that will glorify God.

The strategies in this revolutionary Christian book are trusted to bring eternal effects on you and those around you.


14. GlamourGlamour

Glamour is about the Forrester sisters and their struggle to make the right decisions and stand out in the fashion world. This fiction by Melody Carlson addresses relationship issues and self-purpose challenges which many young girls have to deal with.


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I hope you found this list helpful and I pray it will edify your spirit as you search for the right guidance to maintain your godliness. I’m confident that this collection brings together the best Christian books for young adults.

I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comment section down below, I truly appreciate any and all feedback, thank you!

  1. Woah. I am super thrilled about these selections. Bad Girls of the Bible by Higgs looks like one I’ll get for My daughter. Not to toot her horn but she’s a very good lover of God and strives to do His will. I’d like her to be encouraged and always reminded about God’s endless love for anyone who sincerely seeks to do His will and live a godly life.

    • Please send me the best Christian books for girls entering their teenage years that are simple and easy to read

  2. Becoming a godly girl who honors God in all her ways, dresses the right way, and builds the right friendships may not be easy. I’ve been there and honestly it was a struggle, but I’d definitely recommend these books for parents who want to support their teenager’s spiritual growth.

  3. Reading some of these books when I was younger has really shaped my mind and helped me face reality. This is exactly why I didn’t hesitate to get one for my daughter and I have faith she’ll also face the world with the truth and God’s power.

  4. These Christian books for teenage girls seem like they could really leave a lasting impact. The teenage years are such an important time to teach Christian ideals and values. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list, you really captured the core issues facing young women.

  5. This is amazing! I really appreciate you for sharing this. I work at a foundation that reaches out to young women and we’ve been trying to find christian books for teenage girls so we can share them on our next outreach.

    These look like a great selection. Books on how to be a godly teen would definitely inspire young girls to keep hope alive even when nothing in life seems to be working out. And I’m sure it’d also help them develop into mature spiritual women.

  6. I never knew there were Christian books for teens until now. The book that strikes me most is Bad Girls of the Bible. It’s encouraging to know that Gods love is endless for anyone who sincerely seeks to do His will and live a godly life.

  7. I am looking for some fun Christian Books for my precocious 12 (going on 20) year old grand daughter. She comes from a broken home; her mother is an alcoholic and currently serving jail time. She is currently living with us until her father can get a place where they can both live (and with his girlfriend)
    She only goes to church the few Sundays she happens to be with us and I would love to get her started on some fun Christian books about a young girl facing challenges the way she is. Can you help me? If it’s a continuous series (like Nancy Drew for example or Anne of Green Gables) that would be awesome! Any recommendations would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  8. This is really great and thank you for sharing this. My daughters are already young women and providing them with the best Christian books are my priority!

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