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Buyer’s Comparison For German Bibles


If you’re searching for German Bibles for sale, then you’ve probably noticed that there are many online stores to choose from–and very little indication of which store is the best option.

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Fortunately, you can determine which option suits your needs in this report. This buyer’s comparison guide will help you choose the most suitable place to purchase your German Bible(s) from.

There are a lot of different shops offering German Bibles of various editions and translations.

To help you save time, I have already narrowed it down to the top two online shops for buying German Bibles: ChristianBook.com and Amazon.com. Before I get into the details regarding these shops, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know when purchasing German Bibles.


What You Need to Know When Buying German Bibles


As I discuss the two best places to buy German Bibles, take a look at a few factors you’ll need to consider when shopping:


  • There are multiple translations. Just as there are multiple English translations and variations of the Bible, no two German translations of the Bible are the same. In some cases, the translations differ due to differences in age and localization; while others have different translations depending on the interpretation of the translator(s) of the original text. There are German translations of most popular versions of the Bible, including the KJV. Keep this in mind when searching for your German Bibles, especially if you are looking for a translation of a specific Bible edition. There may even be multiple translations of the same edition, such as the 1534, 1912 and 2017 versions of the Luther Bible.


  • They don’t automatically come with English parallels. While some German Bibles do contain English parallels–meaning the side by side English version next to the German translation–they do not automatically come with parallels. If you need a German Bible with the English parallel, specifically search for “German parallel Bibles” for best results. You may also find some editions which are designed for ESL learners.


  • Historical editions may require more study and context. Some of the older German translations may be difficult for modern German readers, especially in regards to certain phrases or words that are no longer part of common use. Most modern publications of historical translations will include helpful notes, but not always.


  • It may be less expensive to buy in bulk. Depending on the exact edition you’re looking for and how many Bibles you need, it may be better to buy them in bulk to save on the total cost. You are more likely to find bulk options for the most popular and common German Bibles compared to the “niche” translations.


  • New Testament editions are a budget-friendly option. If you only require the German New Testament, you can save a lot of money by purchasing New Testament pamphlets, which contain only the NT. This is a great option especially if you plan on buying multiple copies to share with friends, your local church, or for reach-out programs.


German Bibles for Sale: ChristianBook.com 

ChristianBook.com is one of the largest online retailers for Bibles, Bible study books, theological texts, spiritual studies, and both Christian-based fiction and non-fiction aimed at age groups ranging from religious leaders to children.

This site offers several different German Bibles as part of their international Bible stock, which includes both single-language and ESL/bilingual and parallel Bibles.

The variety of German Bibles at ChristianBook.com is quite limited. There are only 2 different versions of full German Bibles available at the site, with a third being offered as part of a bilingual edition:


Lutherbibel 1534 By: Martin Luther, Lucas Cranach

  • The Lutherbibel 1534, which is the first complete edition of the Bible with Martin Luther’s translation. This edition is a historical facsimile designed to replicate the 16th century edition of this work, which includes reproductions of woodcuts and manual initials designed by Lucas Cranach. In addition to the Biblical text, the Lutherbibel 1534 contains valuable historical information and context that will help the reader understand the importance of this work.

    Die Bibel: Lutherbibel Revidiert 2017 (Luther Bible: 2017 Revised Edition) - By: Martin Luther

  • Die Bibel: Lutherbibel Revidiert 2017, or the 2017 Revised Edition of the Lutherbibel. This edition is an updated German translation of the 16th century Luther text. This new translation does retain most of Luther’s original language, but it adapts and updates certain words and phrases that are are confusing or too ambiguous for modern German readers.

    ESV German/English Parallel Bible (Luther/ESV, Dark Red)

  • ESV German/English Parallel Bible, a bilingual edition with German text on one side with English text paralleled on the other side. This Bible uses the 2017 revised Lutherbibel German text alongside an English translation. In addition to the paralleled text, this version includes notes in both German and English to help readers with various phrases and passages.


This Christian retailer also offers several different versions of New Testament booklets, which feature the German edition of the New Testament, including: German Festival New Testament, German Soccer New Testament with Psalms, German Metal New Testament, German Survival New Testament, German Outreach NT with Psalms, German Biker New Testament, German Women’s New Testament German Street New Testament with Psalms and German Party New Testament.


Benefits of ChristianBook.com

Although their German Bible selection is not too extensive, there is a significant primary benefit to using this Christian book distributor: bulk pricing. This site offers a variety of discounts when you buy in bulk, which is ideal if you are looking to buy a number of Bibles for your church, Bible study group, outreach programs, and more. If you need to buy a variety of German Bibles and you’re happy with the more popular editions, then ChristianBook.com is likely the better option for you.


German Bibles for Sale: Amazon (variety)

Amazon.com is one of the largest retailers for Bibles of all sorts, including international Bibles such as German Bibles. Amazon offers a truly extensive amount of Bibles, Bible study books, theological and spiritual texts, and non-fiction and fiction Christian books for all age ranges and needs.


Amazon’s international language Bible selection is truly one of a kind. Their international Bible stock includes German Bibles which include many different translations, editions, and overall versions.


Amazon.com currently has more than 1,500+ different results for German Bibles. This includes Bibles consisting of just the Old or just the New Testament; historical translations; revised translations; versions designed for specific religious denominations; children’s Bibles; parallel/bilingual translations, and so much more. Their current German Bible selection includes but is not remotely limited to:


Click Here

German Bible Hc - Todays German Version Grn Color Cover (German Edition)


ESV German/English Parallel Bible (Luther/ESV, Dark Red)


German Luther Bible 1912


German Bible Die Bibel, Schlachter 2000, 2-toned Brown and Black, leather-soft, Contemporary Bible


Holy Bible, German and English Edition (Die Bibel): King James Version(KJV) and Lutherbibel 1912


The Luther Bible of 1534

  • The Luther Bible of 1534


  • The Luther Bible 2017 Revised Edition


  • The Luther Bible 1912 Edition


  • ESV German/English Parallel Bible (Luther 2017 Revised Edition/English Translation Parallel)


  • German/English Parallel Bible (Luther Bible 1912/KJV English Parallel)


  • Schlachter Bible of 1951


  • Gute Nachricht Bible (“Today’s German Bible”)


  • Halseth 1905 German Bible


  • Elberfelder 1905 German Bible


  • Nestle-Aland New Testament


  • And many more!


The above list is just a small selection of the German Bibles currently available through Amazon.com, as the selection is far too big to thoroughly cover.


Benefits of Amazon.com

When it comes to buying German Bibles, there is no better selection than the one available through Amazon.com. They offer just about every German edition of the Bible available today, ranging from bilingual editions to a number of historical translations and everything in between. You can even find parallel editions with languages other than English.


If you are looking for a specific version of the German Bible, then Amazon.com should be your go-to spot. Their prices may not be as competitive as ChristianBook.com when you want to buy in bulk, but if you want an edition that isn’t one of the select few offered by ChristianBook.com, then Amazon may be a better fit for you. And if you happen to have an Amazon Prime account, you’ll be able to get free 2-day shipping, which is great when you don’t want to wait a week or more for your new Bible(s).


Final Thoughts

Both of these websites offer great deals for anyone looking to buy German Bibles. Each website has its own unique benefits depending on what you are looking to purchase.


To sum up, if you are looking to buy German Bibles in bulk for ministry, study group, or outreach purposes, then you can save money by purchasing through ChristianBook.com. And if you are only looking for New Testament booklets, then this site has them available in bulk at excellent prices as well.


On the other hand, if you desire to buy German Bibles and you have a specific edition that you want to purchase–such as a certain historical translation, a specific parallel Bible, a children’s Bible, and more–then Amazon.com will work best for you. You may not be able to save by buying in bulk, but since the variety at the other site is fairly limited, you’ll have better luck with Amazon.


I hope that the above guide will help you make the most informed choices when buying German Bibles, whether they are for your own personal collection, for your church, or for outreach.

  1. Great post and I love the info.

    The grandmother of my wife is German, my wife isn’t, but both of them are very catholic, which means they need a Bible. As far as I know, her grandmother doesn’t have one since she can’t find one in German.

    I appreciate you sharing this, now we can show her where to buy one. I love how you discussed all the options for Amazon, I didn’t realize they had such a large variety. We’ll probably select one from there, thanks a lot

  2. Hi James,

    This article is a great help. I was wondering if you can download the German bibles from Amazon or do they only come in hard copy?

    Thanks for your help! 

    • Hi Rika,

      Yes you can download certain German Bibles into soft copy. Amazon has something known as Kindle format which allows you to download content digitally. Not a lot of German Bibles can be downloaded digitally but I know the Luther Bible 1912 can be downloaded.

  3. This is a very thorough, in-depth article for a German Bible edition. To be honest, I had no idea there was so much variation in different language translations of the Bible.  I’m curious if you know how many languages the Bible has been translated to. It must be a lot considering that Christianity is so widespread. 

    • Thank you Shannon, and yeah there are many languages it’s been translated into: French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and probably some languages we haven’t even heard of.

  4. Wow! You’ve done a lot of research to compile such a comprehensive article.

    You’ve really saved us a lot of time by doing the hard yards and narrowing the choices down to just two retailers being Christianbook and Amazon. Is that what you have found to be true?

    I commend you on your work and thank you for taking the time to narrow it down and provide insight into what each version offers.

    Well done. 

    • Thank you kindly Judy, I appreciate your comment. As far as your question goes, there are other sites like Etsy, Ebay and Bibles(dot)com. However, those sites either offer a modest selection or their German Bibles are overpriced. I wanted to provide people with the most bang for their buck so they can either get the Bibles in bulk or have a long list to choose from while saving money.

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