Christian Books For Depression

Christian Books For Depression

Are you trying to find Christian books for depression? Depression can take on many forms, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxious feelings, a general sense of unease and more.


One of the strongest steps that a person who’s dealing with depression can take is to seek help, and by exploring your Christian faith in greater detail you will discover fantastic new approaches to invigorate your mental health.


Through literature you can find out how your belief in God and His words are among the strongest tools for addressing your needs, guiding you in your recovery.


Many great writers including preachers, doctors, and others have published important books on this topic, meaning you have a lot of positive options to choose from and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.


The guide below summarizes several excellent Christian books for depression to assist you in your search.


Top 8 Spiritual Books For Depression


1. unJoy: Hope and Help for 7 Million Christians with Depression

unJoy: Hope and Help for 7 Million Christians with Depression


In unJoy, Dr. Len Lantz, a psychiatrist and Christian, covers the challenges of and solutions for Christians with depression.


As he says in this short, impactful book, it is a get-help book rather than a self-help book, and he approaches the problem of depression from many interesting angles.


One of the most striking and engaging aspects of the book is that Dr. Lantz drew over 40 cartoons that hold the reader’s interest and lighten the tone of an otherwise heavy subject.


He includes personal stories about real people, relevant Bible verses, and medical research, incorporating his common-sense reasoning and Christian faith.


This book contains study questions at the end of each chapter for small groups and individual reflection.


This is a great book for any Christian with depression or family member or friend supporting a depressed loved one.

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2. “Spiritual Depression” written by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Its Cure

The late minister Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is considered one of best preachers from the 1900s, particularly for his almost three decades of work as the minster at the Westminster Chapel in London, England.


Through his writing he combined the medical training for which he received his doctorate with his deep knowledge of the Bible and Christian beliefs.


In this book he discusses why many Christians struggle with depression and details how people can delve further into their faith to find the reassurance they need to combat it.


Lloyd-Jones explains how reducing religion to simple concepts of sin and morality is too simplistic, and urges a broader consideration of how Christianity affects every aspect of your life.


This helps people to identify problems leading to depression and how to address them. Although the book was first published in 1960, its thoughtful approach still resonates with present day audiences.

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3. “Girl Meets Change” written by Kristen Strong

Girl Meets Change: Truths to Carry You through Life's Transitions

Many people visit author Kristen Strong’s blog every day to read her positive posts on how to use your Christian faith to realize the affirmative things in life as a way to help overcome depression.


Strong’s book “Girl Meets Change” takes that same approach and focuses in particular on things that can trigger adverse mental health issues, whether they are major changes like a new job or other challenges like a general sense of fear.


This book is a highly readable blend of her own anecdotes with stories from friends and others, as well as quotes from the Bible and other religious works.


It’s an upbeat book with many wonderful ideas about how to stop the negative thoughts that are contributing to your depression and instead identify the good things in your life, your religion, and more.

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4. “Come Matter Here” written by Hanna Brencher

Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World

If you’re looking for a first-person perspective on how someone with a strong Christian faith suffered a significant depression but then used their religion to overcome it, look no further than “Come Matter Here,” a compelling read by blogger Hanna Brencher.


She speaks openly about her mental health problems with stories from her life highlighting dark moments and how she came to understand that the Bible outlines the ways that everyone can renew their faith not only in God but also in themselves.


Brencher founded the blog “More Love Letters” where people can sign up to mail letters with kind words to strangers around the world, and her book reads like a natural extension of that by being a love letter to its readers. She writes in a funny, casual manner that is very likable but the book still delivers an incredibly insightful message.

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5. “Anxious For Nothing” written by Max Lucado

Anxious for Nothing Study Guide: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World

Long-serving pastor Max Lucado of the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, is well known for writing more than 100 best-selling books about Christianity and mental health, and “Anxious for Nothing” is among his greatest accomplishments.


“Anxious For Nothing” is essentially a guide to how people who are struggling with anxiety can look to scripture for the help they need in understanding why they are feeling that way, as well as how to stop feeling that way and to not let it dominate their daily routine.


The book takes the interesting approach of focusing on the Bible passage Philippians 4:6 and teaches the reader how it encourages us not to be anxious and to instead take control of our lives by asking for God’s help in realizing that although anxiety is a common occurrence, it can also be managed through the use of faith.

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6. “You’re Already Amazing” written by Holley Gerth

You're Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be

Holley Gerth has achieved great success with her career as a life coacher through which she helps people rebuild their self-worth, and in “You’re Already Amazing” she applies that same approach to educating women on the ways that the Bible can be invaluable in strengthening their mental health.


She writes in simple but effective ways about the steps you can take to understand that God has already given you the ability to fight depression, you just need assistance in finding that help in scripture.


It’s a welcome book for those people who are feeling that they are unworthy because it has an uplifting tone, divided into chapters of reasonable length that makes for a relatively quick read. It spreads the message that once you realize how much faith God has in you, you will be able to renew your faith in yourself.

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7. “Promises From God For Life’s Hard Moments” written by Holley Gerth

Promises from God for Life's Hard Moments

Gerth is also the author of this colorful and easy to read book that includes many short articles that help us to comprehend how scripture can help at our darkest personal times.


Beautiful illustrations of leaves are scattered throughout the book, framing important essays including an honest discussion of how not to feel depressed when we think that God is not answering our prayers — and instead to trust and have patience in God’s plan.


In total there are 52 individual small pieces to read, and it’s the perfect book to simply open up a random page and see an affirming idea.


That makes having “Promises From God For Life’s Hard Moments” a nice choice for whenever you are struggling with your mental health and need a quick refresher on ways to embrace positive thinking and improve your outlook.

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8. “First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety” written by Sarah Wilson

First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety

This book has a very long title for a very simple concept: facing the problems in life that cause anxiety and embracing them with a positive spin that sees them as teachable moments from which we can enhance our mental wellbeing.


The title is taken from a proverb in China and author Sarah Wilson encourages her readers to see anxiety-inducing things as beasts that we have the power to make beautiful by acknowledging and addressing them.


She writes from a first-person perspective about suffering from “different flavors” of depression, and finally realizing that religion is an important asset in confronting that situation.


The book offers easy to follow tips on how to incorporate positive thinking against anxiety on a daily basis, ensuring that the benefits you get from this book will last a lifetime and not just while you’re reading it.

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Bonus Recommendations

9. “Wild In The Hollow” written by Amber Hainses

Wild in the Hollow: On Chasing Desire and Finding the Broken Way Home

After finding success online with the website “Mother Letters,” which features letters of advice from mothers around the world, Amber Hainses continued to work on ways to encourage others to build up their feeling of self-worth through a process of looking honestly at the negative issues in their lives.


Hainses writes candidly about what she considers to be the lowest point of her life when she was suffering from an intense depression and could see no way out of it.


She turned to God and the Bible and once she paid closer attention to the teachings of both she found the strength to make the life changes she needed to feel hopeful again.


This is a perfect book for anyone who is feeling at their lowest and perhaps having doubts about their faith as a result, because it shows how that faith can actually be what you need to heal.

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10. “Running Scared: Fear, Worry, And The God Of Rest” written by Edward Welch

Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest

This book is almost like a 21st century take on the landmark book “Spiritual Depression” written by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in 1960, because both of them use a novel approach of combining scientific research with an extensive understanding of Christianity in order to produce new ways of improving your mental health.


The author Edward Welch, licensed to practice psychology, is popular for his speeches and writing on the relationship between faith and depression, and uses this book essentially as a guide for how to accept that we all suffer from fear and anxiety but it’s how we react to them that is the most important step.


Welch quotes extensively from the Bible with passages that offer a wide range of assistance for improving your wellbeing, whether it’s a simple statement of support or whether it’s dealing with something extreme life grief.


He seamlessly blends the worlds of religion and psychology to produce a work that deserves to be on the bookshelf of any Christian who is struggling with depression.

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11. “I Changed My Mind: Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity” written by Jimmy Evans

I Changed My Mind: Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity

Senior pastor Jimmy Evans delivers a message of walking with God to overcome spiritual problems and issues like depression in its many forms, serving at two churches in Texas and also spreading the word through his online video series “The Overcoming Life.”


He is a proponent of the idea that challenges in life including mental health problems can be overcome, so long as a person has a strong faith and knows how to apply it.


In the book he uses lessons from the Bible and elsewhere to explain how the mental issues that affect people today are not new, they have been around for centuries — and religion has also been there as a solution.


It’s an empowering book that can help to dramatically change your approach to many aspects of life, including through a new positive attitude and how to acknowledge anxiety but change it to a peaceful state of mind, among many other useful essays.

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12. “You Are Free” written by Rebekah Lyons

You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are

As one of the two hosts of the “Rhythms of Life” podcast that teaches people how to deal with anxiety, Rebekah Lyons knows what she’s talking about on the topic of battling depression.


She has taken many of the lessons from the podcast and her own life experiences and put them in print with “You Are Free,” which details many ways that people can become “free” from what’s troubling them.


Individual chapters are devoted to lessons from the Bible on how to liberate yourself from problems like grief or a feeling of insufficient self-worth, while others have positive ideas for incorporating change into your life — for example becoming free to be braver to handle whatever problems you might be facing.


She writes in a simple, crisp style that nevertheless is engaging as she describes moments from her life where she has struggled with issues like anxiety and then found parallels in stories from the Bible that help with addressing those issues.

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13. “Defiant Joy: Taking Hold Of Hope, Beauty, And Life In A Hurting World” written by Stasi Eldredge

Defiant Joy: Taking Hold of Hope, Beauty, and Life in a Hurting World

Author Stasi Eldredge’s name can be found on the New York Times’ bestseller list because there are thousands of readers who enjoy discovering her optimistic approach to life, making her a preeminent voice in the world of Christian books for depression.


Without pandering to the reader, Eldredge in this book starts by accepting that there any many problems in the world but our mental health is something that we need to protect and nurture.


She writes that by focusing on the teachings of the Bible to help us deal with negative moments, we can switch to a more positive outlook on life that prioritizes the good things like joy and beauty.


Throughout the book she references her work as a women’s ministry director in Colorado and shows how it’s easy to find lessons throughout scripture on ways to prevent anxiety and other types of depression take over your life, and instead how to make them manageable.

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We hope this list served you well. Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you (1 Peter 5:7). Just remember that you have many spiritual options to choose from and always know that the Lord sees you and is watching over you. God bless.

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