Wholesale Christian Book Distributors: A Review

Nowadays, getting quality Christian books isn’t much of a challenge, especially when you can just walk to a nearby store and buy whatever book is available. However, buying Christian books wholesale may pose a challenge. For this reason, two credible websites have been shared below to help meet this need.



Bookshelf full of BiblesThe Bible is clearly the first book every Christian should have before considering other books, hence, if we can get bibles offline then we should be able to get them online as well.

This brings us to bibles.com, an online ministry of the American Bible Society; which is a renowned wholesale Christian book distributor and one of the foremost bible organizations in the world.

You won’t have any problem using the website since it’s pretty straightforward. The user interface is simple and clear – there are no fancy colors and fonts.

Anyone who has access to the internet can buy bibles from the website. Bibles sold on bibles.com come in different languages, from Arabic, English, Spanish, and lots more.

They offer multiple payment options for placing orders such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa card, and Discover card. There are also alternative methods such as faxing your order with your credit card details, or you can reach them through the phone or mail with your check or money order.

An impressive feature of bibles.com is the “Shop By Occasion”. You will be able to buy bibles according to special occasions just as it says on their website. This means that you can easily get your dad a “Happy Father’s Day” Bible if that’s what you desire. So no matter where you are in the world, with a simple click, you can order unique bibles, bibles in bulk or both.



Large bookshelf for Christian BooksBuying Christian books wholesale has never been made easier than what you’d experience using Christianbook.com. The website design is fascinating, the varieties offered on the categories are impressive, and lastly, it’s easy to navigate the website.

Furthermore, they also serve as a charity ministry which works to empower people locally and internationally by providing valuable books.

Christianbook.com is a thriving wholesale Christian book distributor because of their wholesale discount deals, which can be found in the section named “Slightly Imperfect”.

They have thousands of Christian books that are selling for way less than what most stores charge. It’s also quite impressive how anyone, no matter where they live,  can buy Christian books at an inexpensive price with the ongoing deals offered on their website.

Fortunately, there’s also no shipping limitation which is a big plus for those trying to support a large ministry. Now, if you really want to save money, you should check out the “Bargain” section of the website because you can get as much as 90% off original prices of books.

In regards to shipping, it’s pretty straightforward, you will get your order within one to three weeks if you’re in Canada, and if you’re in the U.S., you can get your order in a few business days or within one to two weeks depending on your preference.

For international buyers, deliveries can take up to six weeks, or arrive as fast as two weeks. The shipping rates depend on the weight, but you can easily calculate the weight of your order on the website when you click “Calculate Shipping & Handling”. So if you want to take advantage of huge discount deals right away, head over to Christianbook.com to place an order.


Bottom Line 

While there are tons of websites which cater to buying Christian books wholesale, these websites have led the pack by providing more value to their customers at a lower rate.

Now, even though these aren’t the only websites for  domestic and international customers, these two options can still guide you in making the right choice.

Please note that the goal of this review site is to bring you to trusted and reputable websites where you can buy Christian books in bulk.

This way, you can preclude traveling to warehouses or bookstores and just place an order on your pc or phone. So, this is not a hierarchical list of websites according to their quality but rather different websites where you can get Christian books at affordable prices.

  1. Thanks for this review! I must admit that it hadn’t crossed my mind before this, I assumed it was always best to buy from online stores like Amazon or eBay. But it is useful to have sites dedicated completely to Christian books! A quick question on the topic, which version of the Bible do you think is best to be currently using? I’ve seen a lot of different opinion based on respective religions.

    • Hi Danny, I’m happy you enjoyed the review! Most people think that Amazon and eBay are the best online retailers but they’re a little too broad when it comes to doing bulk orders for spiritual books. As far as your question goes, it honestly depends on you and your situation. Some people opt for the traditional King James Version because that’s what they prefer at their spiritual level. While others choose KJV because most congregations read from that version. However, if you’re just starting out with the Word of God, I personally recommend English Standard Version or New International Version because these two versions are very easy to understand. 

  2. This was a very enlightening review. I haven’t purchased anything yet from the first on your list as I always buy from the latter. However, there are some Christian books and literature that I want to purchase which are not available there. Just out of curiosity, do they only sell Bibles at Bibles dot com?

    • Hey Alice, 

      Bibles dot com sells bibles predominantly, however, they have a modest selection of spiritual fiction and nonfiction books. They also provide biblical material in a vast array of different languages.

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