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Are you wondering where you can buy NIV bibles in bulk? Whether purchasing bibles for a church congregation or an educational facility, buying in bulk from the right place is the best way to secure the largest number of bibles while remaining economical.

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The American Bible Society has made this a simple task, running in order to help organizations buy bibles in bulk and spread the word of God to a large number of people.

These bibles are available in many languages and you can get whatever version best suits your needs. That includes the New International Version, which is a very popular translation.

The American Bible Society is a Christian organization who is dedicated to teaching the gospel and reaching out to people all across the world. It has been distributing bibles of every version for over 200 years, and the NIV Bible has been in demand for quite some time.

If you are looking to buy a large number of NIV bibles, going through is a safe way to ensure that you’ll receive high quality bibles at a great price. They offer significant discounts when you decide to purchase in bulk, allowing you to secure as many bibles as you need for your ministry.

Man talking to ABS representative

You can talk to representatives at the American Bible Society to discuss discounts of up to 70% based on the size of your organization and even the financial needs.

If you can’t afford to purchase a large number, the American Bible Society will be happy to work with you and discuss payment plans and provide you with discounts to ensure that you can continue to spread the word of God without having to worry about finances.


NIV Bibles

NIV Bible on PulpitThe New International Version is one of the most popular translations of the bible. It was first published in 1978 after being translated by some of the most experienced biblical scholars in the world.

They used the highest quality manuscripts and translated the bible into English using language that is very accessible and easy to understand.

This allows churches and ministries to teach the word of God in a straightforward and direct manner, letting more and more people see the truth.

Buying bibles in bulk is a great way to get a new church started or to update the bibles for an existing congregation. It is far cheaper than buying the same number of bibles through a retail store.

Since the ABS is willing to talk to any purchaser about finances and discounts, you could benefit greatly from buying your Bibles in bulk with their services. It’s an excellent way to make sure that all current members of your congregation have a quality, complete bible in their possession when they go to church. It can also help attract new members who are looking for a place to worship and learn about the word of God.


Variety of Coverings

Different Bible Coverings

Another advantage of buying in bulk is that you can choose what sort of coverings you want for your bibles.

Whether you’re looking for leather, hard cover, or paperback bibles, the American Bible Society has whatever works best for you. You can even purchase cased sets and booklets to enhance your reading experience.

Based on your budget, there are bonded leather and imitation leather covers available as well, if you want to have a nice aesthetic but don’t want to spend too much money.

These options help to make the bibles able to match with your furnishing and blend in perfectly with your church. They also make for great centerpieces on any table or other piece of furniture that is suited to display a bible.

The attractive covers are nicely designed and keep the bible protected so that it can last a lifetime, allowing you to read it for years to come. You can gift some of the bibles to members of the congregation and give them a long-lasting present that can stay in their family forever.


Bible Cases

Bibles Cases

There are also cases available that let you buy the New International Version at a heavy discount. You can buy one NIV bible for $4.99 and then get a case of 28 of them at $3.99 for each. This saves you almost 30 dollars for every case.

If you have a large congregation, these are major cost savings that can help you allocate funds for other uses in your church.

Going through the American Bible Society to secure bulk New International Version bibles is really a great way to improve the outreach of your church and encourage new members to come worship and learn the biblical texts.

The cases and bibles are customizable, so you can find whatever you need for your church, whether you have a large or small congregation.

The New International Version is a widely read version of the bible, and lets you connect with members of your fellowship while helping them to learn the teachings of Jesus. It is easy to read, and it’s a comprehensive bible with all of the stories from beginning to end.


The American Bible Society


The American Bible Society is committed to providing bibles to the largest number of people that they can in order to teach the love of God. This means that whether you are the head of a church or running an independent educational program, you can save big money on bulk purchases and ensure that you will always have plenty of bibles for the members of your group.

You can save a lot of money in comparison to using a retail store. Not to mention you’ll also have the proper support and resources for distribution among the members of your congregation. They offer flexible, affordable payment plans, and they want to help you get as many bibles as possible.

If you want to increase your Christian outreach, you should strongly consider buying your bibles in bulk through the American Bible Society. They are a well-run group that has been reliably providing bibles in bulk for over 200 years, and you can benefit from their services.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

  1. As a Christian the bible is my way of life and I’ve learned to appreciate the NIV. While a lover of the King James Version, it really helps me break down the full meaning of the context.

    • I hear you, I wasn’t able to get into the King James Version. I was introduced to the faith with an NIV bible and it’s stuck with me ever since. I personally feel that it’s hard for new converts to get close to God through His Word using the KJV because the writing is quite complex.

  2. Hi James! In 2015, my husband and I started a church. At that time, we were looking for ways to buy Bibles in bulk for evangelism. We weren’t familiar with the Bibles(dot)com website, but I’ll definitely keep them in mind for the future. Thanks for the thorough explanation on the NIV version and it’s uses. I agree that it’s a very good translation of the Bible.

    • Hi Tiffany, 

      That’s great to hear! The best thing about Bibles(dot)com is that you can save a lot of money compared to buying in store and they have a lot of promos going on throughout each season. And you’re welcome, I’m always happy to provide insight for different subjects.

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