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There are a lot of bilingual Bible options out there, and the question is often asked: where can you find the best bilingual Bibles for sale? These types of bibles hold a special place in the Christian community: not only are they an excellent dual-language source for people who are currently learning English, they are a great way to help the message of Christianity reach people in many different nations around the world through ministry network and outreach programs.

When it comes to looking for quality Bibles, one of the most popular websites is This site offers a wide range of Bibles, including different versions of the Bible, special editions, Bibles with special themes such as holidays or children’s dedications, and of course, bilingual Bible editions.

Are their bilingual Bibles worth the cost? Let’s take a closer look at what type of bilingual Bibles they have on offer, as well as the overall quality of the products and services that this company provides.

Bilingual Bible Languages has many types of bilingual Bibles for sale. Each of these bilingual texts offers side-by-side panels, with the English text on one side and the translation on the other side. This makes for easy readability, no matter what level of English the reader has obtained.

Their current bilingual offerings are:

  • Spanish/English New Testament*

  • French/English Old Testament (Volumes I and II)

  • French/English New Testament

  • Korean/English Old Testament (Volumes I and II)

  • Korean/English New Testament

  • Apache/English New Testament

  • Igbo/English Bible (Both Testaments)

  • Arabic/English Bible (Both Testaments)

*In addition to a modern Spanish translation, also offers a special edition with the immensely popular 1960 Reina-Valera Spanish translation.

Most of the bilingual Bibles for sale on are print on demand, which helps keep the cost much more affordable; they do offer traditional bindings for some select products as well. If you are worried about the quality of print on demand texts, don’t be: all of the print on demand books available through this site are high quality, durable, and can come with come custom options for increased durability or aesthetic appeal.


The prices of the bilingual Bibles available at varies by product as well as the number of Bibles you are ordering. Typically, their print on demand Bibles cost anywhere from $11.99 to $25.99, whereas the traditionally bound books start at $29.99 and go up from there. Not all of the bilingual translations are available in a traditional format.

If you buy in bulk, you can save anywhere from 20% to 70% depending on how many Bibles you are ordering and the exact products you are ordering. These great discounts make it much easier to order Bibles in bulk, which is ideal for ministries, churches, military orders, and much more. If you are interested in getting a quote for a bulk order, you can always contact for assistance.

This site does offer some flexible payment options, so you can potentially pay in installments or other flexible methods depending on the total size and cost of you order. You contact the site for further information about payment options and flexible payments.

Specific Bulk Orders

This site does offer special bulk cases which contain specific Bibles. Their current bulk case offerings are:

  • Buy 1 DHH New Testament with Imprimatur, Spanish at $1.50: Get a case of 80 for $108 (Originally $120). Total savings of $12.00

  • Buy 1 King James Version Paperback New Testament at $1.69: Get a case of 80 for $95.92 (Originally $135.20) Total savings of $40.00

  • Buy 1 CEV Extreme Faith Youth Paperback Bible at $4.59: Get a case of 24 for $95.76 (Originally $110.16) Total savings of $14.40.

  • Buy 1 Outreach Bible NIV International Version at $4.99: Get a case of 28 for $111.72 (Originally $139.72). Total savings of $28.00

  • Buy 1 NRSV New Revised Standard Version Bible at $5.79: Get a case of 24 for $124.56 (Originally $138.96). Total savings of $14.40

  • Buy 1 ESV English Standard Version Outreach Bible at $5.99: Get a case of 24 for $95.96 (Originally $143.76). Total savings of $48.00

Other Offerings

In addition to bilingual Bibles, there is a wide variety of other Bibles and Scripture-related texts for sale.

Their many offerings in addition to bilingual Bibles include:

  • Bibles for children (pre-K to age 9)

  • Bibles for preteens (age 9-12)

  • Bibles for teens (age 13-17)

  • Bible story collections for younger readers

  • Children’s books

  • Greek and Hebrew texts

  • Different Versions of the Bible

  • Study Bibles for adults and teenagers

  • Speciality Bibles

  • Occasion Bibles

  • And more!

Their Occasion Bibles include Bibles for: Mother’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day, Dedications, Hispanic Heritage Month, Easter, Black History, Graduation, New Year, Christenings, Baptisms, Communion, Valentine’s Day, and the National Day of Prayer.

They also offer different Versions of the Bible to suit any preference or need. The different Versions of the Bible currently available include:

  • New International Version

  • New Living Translation

  • English Standard Version

  • Dios Habla Hoy

  • New Jerusalem Bible

  • New Revised Standard Version

  • New American Bible

  • Contemporary English Version

  • New King James Version

  • Holman Christian Standard Bible

  • King James Version

  • Good News Translation

If you are looking for a specific Version of the Bible, this is one of the best resources currently available. If there is a Version that you cannot find on the site, you can always contact them to see if it may be available in the future.

Book Quality

The quality of the Bibles offered by is very high. The traditionally bound books are high quality and will fit right in with any other traditionally bound Bible in your home.

They come with secure bindings, high quality stock paper, and quality ink that won’t smear. The print on demand texts are noticeably high quality as well, especially for a print on demand service. They are printed on sturdy, quality paper with non-bleedable text and are fastened with secure bindings.

Most of the Bibles are available with different cover material options, including: bonded leather, imitation leather, cased sets, flex covers, paperback covers, hard covers, and leather covers.

If you are buying in bulk, you can mix and match the type of cover materials used based on your personal preference or the preferences of the readers you will be buying for; you may also want to take into account the need for durability, especially if the Bibles will be sent to military personnel or will otherwise be getting a lot of reading wear.

The translations within the bilingual texts are done with great sensitivity to the importance of nuance and context. They are not simply literal translations, which can often leave the bilingual reader confused about the meaning of the text; these translations preserve the original message of the English text in a language-appropriate way for the reader. In terms of translation quality, it’s hard to beat the Bibles offered here.

Service Quality is an extremely professional service that strives to meet the needs of each and every client. They ship promptly and deliver in secure packaging to make sure that all of your Bibles or other products ordered are not damaged during the shipment.

If you have any questions or concerns about orders, they are more than happy your inquiries if you contact them through the contact links provided on their website. If on the unlikely occasion you do have any problems with your order, you can be assured that all you need to do is contact them and they will resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Bilingual Bibles serve many different purposes. They are a great choice for bilingual Christians who want a chance to read the common English text alongside a translation they can easily read; they are great options for introducing the Bible to communities across the world, either through ministry work or other Christian networks.

They are also perfect for Bible and translation studies, as the nuances of the translated text can be compared to their English counterparts. Bilingual Bibles make perfect gifts for friends, families, neighbors, and other loved ones; they are also the perfect gift to send to loved ones overseas who may want additional copies of the Bible to share around.

The most important factor behind a bilingual Bible is the translation combined with readability. The high quality of the translations offered in these texts, combined with the dual panel layout which makes it easy to read the translated text alongside the English passages, make for a perfect combination.

These are among the best bilingual Bible options out there today, especially for the more than reasonable prices–and that’s not even taking into consideration the additional discounts you can receive when ordering in bulk.

Whether you’re buying a single Bible or you want to buy dozens (or hundreds!) of them in bulk for your church, ministry network or outreach programs, you’ll be pleased to know that is the best resource for you.

If you find that isn’t the most ideal option for you, then you can consider using another online retailer like Amazon, here’s a page you can check out for your needs:

Bilingual Bibles For Sale on Amazon

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