Best Selling Christian Children’s Books

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For Christian families, it’s important to provide children with enlightening material regarding their faith. Christian children’s books allow kids to learn and grow within their faith and understand the teachings of Christ to a larger extent.

Parents can greatly help their children to explore these lessons by giving them books that expand upon them. If you are looking for some great Christian books for your kids, read on to learn about some of the best selling Christian Children’s books that are available today.


Top Christian Children’s Books


1. You’re God’s Girl

Growing up can be a difficult thing for many girls as they may struggle with certain friendships and their own personal self-image. This book outlines the promises that God has for every girl and helps them realize that He is willing to accept them no matter what.

It can encourage young girls to accept themselves for who they are and to learn to grow through faith in God. It is about putting confidence in God that He will help every girl become the person they know that they can be and finding exactly who it is that God made them to be.


2. The Biggest Story

The Biggest Story is a fantastic book for teaching children about the stories and the lessons scattered throughout the Bible. It is a colorful, easy-to-read book that guides children and parents alike through many key events throughout the scripture.

It will help kids to understand how to link the events of these stories to the overall messages and themes, such as good and evil. It is a ten-chapter book, but it is short enough to be read in one sitting, and many kids are so enthralled by it that they do exactly that.


3. The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross

This is a book that emphasizes the teachings of Jesus and the story of redemption for all human beings. It helps kids get a clear understanding of why God sent his only son to save us from our sins.

It keeps things light and easy to digest while still allowing children to understand the true meaning of the crucifixion and to reflect solemnly on it. It can be a difficult concept for children to grasp, but The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross does a fantastic job of teaching kids to celebrate the redemption story and the love that Jesus brings to all of his children.


4. I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God

With 40 made-for-children Biblical narratives, I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God teaches children about the many names and responsibilities of the Lord. It provides stories, devotionals, and pictures that help children to learn how to trust in God and understand what He has done for us throughout eternity.

It will draw parallels between their lives and the many trials that were faced by a variety of Biblical characters who ultimately placed their faith in God. It is a wonderfully illustrated and written book that can be read to children over a long period of time to help them learn.


5. Thank You, God

Being thankful is one of the most important lessons to learn in Christianity, and Thank You, God is a book that strives to emphasize the important of gratitude in our everyday lives. Children will learn to be thankful for everything, from friends and family to food and shelter.

Each page is beautifully illustrated by Jago, who has illustrated many Christian children’s books. Every one of these pages outlines something simple but important to be thankful for, allowing children to learn the concepts of gratitude in an easy and light-hearted way.


6. 3-Minute Devotions for Girls

This is an excellent book that helps young girls how to keep up with their daily devotions by keeping them short but profound. Each devotion is a quick read that provides a whole world of inspiration, helping girls to maintain confidence and be ready to face the world through faith in God.

Young girls can use this to be reminded that God loves them every day and forgives them whenever they may stray. These devotions can be extremely helpful in helping girls to feel loved and cared for through the grace of God.


7. When God Made You

This gives every kid a special feeling about being individually created by God in His image. It teaches them that every child is made by God and we all have a purpose on this Earth. When God Made You helps children to understand how they got here, and that God loves them through every step of life.

The wonderful illustrations on each page paint a beautiful picture and can provide an imaginative spark for any child who reads this book. They will be drawn in by the colors and even more excited to hear about the uplifting, powerful message within.


8. For the Beauty of the Earth

This book encourages children to take a look around and thank God for everything he created in the world. This includes the trees, the oceans, the animals, and the people.

It is a beautiful place that exists only by the grace of God, and kids can learn much about gratitude by reading this encouraging book. There are pages upon pages of wondrous things to be thankful, including God himself, who created everything else. For the Beauty of the Earth is a great way to keep kids in awe of the fantastic world in which we live.


9. Baby Wren and the Great Gift

This book follows the story of a small baby wren who spends time observing the creatures of her canyon. She is constantly impressed by their significance and all of their personal abilities that bring the community together.

She begins to wonder what she can contribute to the world. It is a great book to teach children how to find their purpose in life and what they can do to help others and give glory to God. It is a story of optimism and love, two things that will help children throughout their entire life.


Final Thoughts

I hope you found this list helpful. By introducing your kids to Christ-like content, you cast a wider net for them to learn biblical truths through entertaining and inspiring sources.

The job of parents is to keep their child’s mind pure by maintaining their innocence and light. The best way to do this is by filtering out worldly devices that can pollute their mind and lead them astray.

Nowadays, subliminal messages are constantly being broadcasted to lead people astray. As Christians, we have to make a conscious effort to guard the hearts and minds of those we love, along with ourselves, as the Scripture clearly tells us to do so.

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