8 Best Christian Romance Novels

Christian CoupleIf you grew up with parents who loved reading romance novels, there’s no way you wouldn’t have read romance books about couples, cowboys, and babies. Those stories sure had a way of keeping you coming back for more.

However, there’s more to Harlequin, Silhouette, and Mills and Boons. With the right Christian romance novels in your library, you can learn of the wonderful ways through which God reflects his love.


In this article, you’ll find a list of Christian books with powerful and convincing characters who have been created by popular and bestselling authors to inspire readers and lovers of good Christian romance novels. Additionally, you’ll be impressed with the quality of these books and anxious to grab your own copy of all of them (if you don’t already have them).

Top Christian Romance Novels

1. A Voice in the Wind (Francine Rivers)



Francine Rivers has longed mastered the art of storytelling in a way that readers are glued to the pages until they read the final word. In this interesting Christian romance book, you read the story of a female Jewish slave who preaches the gospel of Christ in an environment that disregards all morality and proper culture.

Hadassah struggles between her love for a good-looking aristocrat and her faith in God. But she ultimately stands with God and trusts Him to save her from the oppressive claws of Rome.

If you’ve ever found it hard standing for Christ amidst sexual impurity, alcohol-based lifestyles, and other forms of decadence or societal impurities, this book remains one of the best Christian romance novels you shouldn’t miss.


2. Fireproof (Eric Wilson)


Every marriage has those winter moments when love seems to disappear and hate is all you see and feel. If you’ve not seen the popular movie adaptation by the Kendrick brothers, you should hurry now and get this Christian book on how to help a failing marriage.

While Caleb Holt uphold the adage to never leave your partner especially in a fire, Catherine soon realizes that her husband isn’t all he ever wanted. After seven years together, their marriage faces threats of divorce with heated arguments and every reason to pull out.

Thanks to Caleb’s father, however, Caleb gets to start a 40-day experiment with a daily love dare task. In between Catherine’s insensitivity to his changes and her near extramarital affair with another doctor at her office, Caleb gets to realize the true meaning of love. Together, Caleb and Catherine fight for their marriage and work together to rescue Catherine’s heart even as Caleb keeps rescuing hundreds of lives from fire accidents.

Doesn’t this book sound like your most-sought Christian book for marriage nuggets?


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3. One Tuesday Morning/Beyond Tuesday Morning (Karen Kingsbury)


Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is popular for her series of good Christian books which retell significant world events in fiction. One Tuesday Morning and Beyond Tuesday morning are books that narrate the Twin Towers tragedy, telling the story of Jamie Bryan’s (Jake Bryan’s widow).

The collapse of the World Trade Center is the beginning of the big changes that happen in the widow’s life. From getting a husband who at first doesn’t remember who she is and then dies, to finding love again and working as a volunteer, Jamie witnesses God’s faithfulness in huge ways.

Not many Christian romance novels weave in fact and fiction the way Kingsbury’s novel does. This classic Christian book is a must read.


4. River to Redemption (Ann H. Gabhart)


Courage in the face of trials is a beautiful thing. And Ann H. Gabhart’s latest novel beautifully blends a true story with fiction. Having been saved and cared for by Louis (a slave) twelve years ago during the cholera epidemic of 1833, 19-year old orphaned Adria Starr determines to return the favor in the midst of a fierce battle and betrayal.

Adria’s actions clearly depict the true nature of Christians to return good with good and stand for honor even when that’s all that truly counts. Purchase this book to travel back in time to the old days in Kentucky.


5. Summer on Sunset Ridge (Sharlene Maclaren)


Things change for Rebecca Albright when she meets Sheriff Clay Dalton, a slave catcher. Before then, she had been taught to love and honor people and live at peace.

But with her dreams to help the Underground Railroad, she seems to go off her childhood course. Together with Dalton, she gets to find out God’s true purpose for her life.


6. Redeeming Love (Francine Rivers)


Another remarkable book in our Christian romance novels’ list is this classic by Francine Rivers. Having grown up as a prostitute, Angel sees no reason why she should trust or love men. However, Michael Hosea finds and loves her as God instructs him and she learns to love just as God loves her.

Every time I come across this book, I reminisce on the story of Gomer and Hosea and wonder how marvelous God’s love is. If you’ve always wanted to understand the height of Christ’s love, this beautiful Christian book is the way to go.


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7. Honeysuckle Dreams (Denise Hunter)


Losing a wife is bad enough. But when Brady discovers that his baby isn’t actually his, he goes as far as marrying his friend, Hope Daniels to win the custody battle. Things, however, take a different turn when Hope gets an offer for her dream job and she really wants to take it.

The suspense on every page of this book makes it easy for the story to move from tragic to “happily ever after.”


8. Freedom’s Light (Colleen Coble)


In this story of death, hard labor, fear, and love, you’ll appreciate God’s power to transform a bad situation into a good one in the twinkling of an eye. Hannah Thomas loses her husband, John, and has to continue his job amidst the disapproval she receives from his family.

Her younger sister’s arrival is no consolation either. But the coming of Birch Meredith, a Tory, restores hope and love to her heart and brightens the possibility of freedom.


Additional Christian Romance Novels

In the list above, we’ve discussed our best Christian romance novels with Christian themes and strong love stories and accounts of victory. Two more books which are quite compelling are Dead Drift (Dani Pettery) and Called to Protect (Lynette Eason).

Not only would these stories touch your heart and remind you of how much God loves you, but they’ll also help you develop a knack for reading romance that’s pitched in God’s Word.

What other Christian romance novels do you consider as classic and motivating?

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