Best Christian Books for Teens

Like adults, young people need books with Christian themes that help them keep their hearts onChristian Teenagers God. Every teenager – boy or girl – has struggles that even their parents can’t help with.


And since God is bigger than every mountain, teens can learn to find help, happiness, and purpose with these books.


In this collection, you’ll find teen bestsellers, where special attention has been given to books with resounding stories and messages.


15 Best Christian Books For Teens

  1. Know Who You AreKnow Who You Are by Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow shares his beliefs on life and the best model for young people – Jesus Christ. Using stories from his personal life, Tebow challenges teens to adapt the lessons in this journal to their lives and seek to see themselves through the eyes of God.

    As a book filled with practical Scripture-inspired lessons and stories, it has every reason to be counted it as one of the best Christian books for young adults.

  2. Lies Young Women Believe

    Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy and Dannah

    In this book, Nancy and Dannah remind girls of the many lies that they believe concerning themselves and God. But it doesn’t stop at revealing the deception of the enemy.

    It goes on to give them the right picture of themselves and how they can stand out in their generation. Of course, the weapon for finding the truth is the Scripture, and when read together with a mature adult, any young girl can have her life changed by this book.


  3. Battlefield of the Mind for Teens
    Battlefield of the Mind for Teens by Joyce Meyer
    Joyce Meyer helps young people to really understand the real battles in their lives.

    Apart from the fact that it has been adapted for teenagers, it goes a long way in identifying with the typical teenage struggle for attention and independence.

    Above all, it describes the mind as the greatest battlefield and provides strategies for conquering in the contemporary world.

  4. ESV Student Study Bible

    ESV Student Study BibleThere’s no way we’re omitting this amazing book from the compilation of the best Christian books for teens.

    What you’ll find about this Bible is the way it combines study notes, Bible character profiles, maps, topical articles, and other more relevant guidelines for the Jesus-loving young person.

    So, do you feel an awakening in your spirit for God? This Bible for young people will help you grow closer to Jesus Christ.

  5. Sex Matters

    Sex Matters by Jonathan McKeeFor one thing, teens are also faced with the question of abstinence vs. popular culture. In Sex Matters, Jonathan McKee addresses the truth about sex contrary to the way the TV and social media depict it.

    Now, everyone knows that this is a topic which many Christian adults shy away from.

    But McKee addresses the teenage concern with the most interesting and revealing approach which qualifies it to be tagged as a must read.

  6. A Young Man After God’s Own Heart
    A Young Man After God’s Own Heart by Jim George
    Your teen can become a man like David who learned early to make right decisions and let God use him mightily.

    This book focuses on strengthening the intellect as well as spirituality of every young boy. It discusses lessons for areas including friendship, family, communication, temptation, decision making, and more.


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  7. 3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls
    3-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls by Barbour Staff
    In this easy to read and use devotional, the young girl thirsting for God can find him in just three minutes.

    Barbour Staff combines Scripture texts, lessons, and prayers to help every young girl develop a stronger faith that can stand all bullying and betrayal which she could ever experience with friends.

  8. Teen to Teen

    Teen to Teen by Patti HummelNothing could be more interesting than reading a message from a teenager especially when you’re still a teenager. This 365-day devotional has been written by young guys for young guys and compiled by Patti Hummel. There’s one for girls as well.

    The fact that the authors are people who face the same teenage crisis and experiences that you encounter makes this devotional a MUST READ. Are you seeking wisdom and encouragement? You need this one now.

  9. You Have a Brain

    You Have a Brain by Ben CarsonBen Carson tells his story as a young boy who had a rough life growing up and helps youths to make firm decisions to change their situations.

    Apart from the fact that he had to grow up without a father, he also had to fight a battle with his short temper.

    In this book, you’ll learn how to become in control of your life and not let the bad things in your life determine who you become.

  10. Diary of a Teenage Girl SeriesDiary of a Teenage Girl Series by Melody Carlson

    Also included in the list is the series which defines the experiences of young girls in the fictional account of young girls like them.

    From coping with grief and loss to facing marriage, the books help young girls reflect on their lives and the choices they would make if they were the characters in the books.

  11. The Hiding Place

    The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom

    Find out how Corrie ten Boom goes through pain in the World War II concentration camps.

    However, it doesn’t stop there. She shows you how she eventually finds peace, grace, and God’s unceasing love amid the tough times.

  12. You’re God’s Girl

    You’re God’s Girl by Wynter PittsThis devotional for tweens is exceptional for its messages to tween girls and long list of God’s promises to girls.

    Also, it teaches the young girl how to make good decisions which will help her fulfill God’s purpose for her life. You can become like Deborah and other great women of the Bible if you learn to put God first in your life.

  13. The Pilgrim’s Progress

    The Pilgrim’s Progress by John BunyanDid you really think this timeless read would be omitted from the list? No way! As a book of all times, this book by John Bunyan continually wins the heart of Christians and non-Christians alike.

    This book has been updated to fit young people and remind them of the goal – Heaven. You’ll love the language, character depiction, and other colorful images. This is by far one of the best christian books for teens.

  14. The College Girl’s Survival Guide
    The College Girl’s Survival Guide by Hanna Seymour
    Going to college comes with its uncertainties and fears.

    But with Hanna Seymour’s guide, every girl in college can have the guidance and wisdom she needs to maximum her college experience.

    Also, it comprises real life stories which make it all the more relatable and interesting.

  15. NIV Bible for Teens
    NIV Bible for Teens
    Yes, this is another Bible and what makes it fascinating is its size.

    It’s portable for teens and easy to understand for kids between 10 and 14.

    Learn God’s truth in a simplified way and read Christ’s words in red letters.

In all these books, you find that the aim is to build teens into godly youth who make right decisions and live righteous lives. Instead of spending most of your day on Instagram or Twitter, stimulate your mind by ordering at least one of these Christian books today!


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If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this list or you’d like to just share what your own personal favorite book is, feel free to comment below!

  1. I definitely want to get my hand on Lies Young Women Believe by Nancy and Dannah. I am getting older but I don’t think we ever stop learning and improving ourselves. I love God and his teachings. You can never go wrong with his word and his scriptures. Amazing post!

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the post and I couldn’t agree more, it really is a never ending journey. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

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