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Readers are leaders. You must have heard that before. So, if you’re a parent who wants your kids to read some of the best Christian children books, you’re preparing them to take on leadership positions in the church and in society.

As you probably already know, this post is a compilation of the top Christian books for kids that exist today. Interestingly, these books have been written by authors who have their own families and have at one point or the other, enjoyed the pleasures of childhood, childbearing and/or parenting.

So, rest assured that the content in these novels are uplifting, Christ-centered, and encouraging.


13 Christian Books Your Kids Shouldn’t Miss


1. God Always Keeps His Promises

Max Lucado writes excellently for both adults and children. In this kids’ version of the adult book, he expands on God’s love, faithfulness, and might toward Bible characters.

What makes this our first recommended Christian book for kids? Children need to know from an early age that God loves them more than their tiny minds could ever imagine.

Reading Christian children books like this one is the best way to appreciate God’s love to Bible characters like Abraham and Paul (among others). Kids between ages 4 and 8 would love this one.


2. The Winter War

Next on our list of top Christian children books is bestselling author Priscilla Shirer’s adventure-filled read.

Middle-graders who are learning to have their own minds will be fascinated with the Prince Warriors trilogy, especially because it emphasizes the need to stand strong in the face of trials and a raging storm.


3. I Can Only Imagine

Illustrations are a fundamental aspect of teaching children what God is like. Has your little son always asked you what heaven looks like?

I bet you tried your best to explain. But Bart Millard’s illustrated book will show your kids everything they want to know. The best part of this color book is how the author encourages kids to be Jesus’ friends even though they can’t see him now.


4. God Made You Special

Every child is a blessing. And they need to hear this every day. The Berenstain Series is a most-loved collection. Mike Berenstain encourages kids to value their uniqueness using the story of bears and cubs.

Mama helps Sister realize that Tommy isn’t as good with baseless as the others because God gave each one of us special talents which distinguish us from others.

This book remains one of my favorite Christian children books because it replaces feelings of incompleteness and inferiority with appreciation and gratitude.

No two children are the same, and you should help your child discover this so that he/she can learn to love themselves and accept others.


5. I Prayed For You

Children ages 4-8 would be happy to know through this book that their mothers prayed for them before they were born. Mama Bear tells Baby Bear that she prayed to God for her and always asks him to keep her strong and healthy.

It’s important for your kids to know that prayer is vital to their existence and survival. Additionally, this book is crucial for both parents and children. Why? Parents who don’t have a prayer culture can develop one and children can learn to go to God in prayer throughout their lives.


6. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

At the heart of my list is a classic by C. S. Lewis. Representing Christ in Aslan and describing the power of evil through the evil witch is one of the best ways to narrate the good and bad narrative which is the crux of Christianity.

The Chronicles of Narnia will no doubt forever be a must-read. I’m sure you agree.


7. God Gave Us You

Children need to know that they didn’t drop from the sky. And Lisa Tawn Bergren shows parents how to remind their kids that “God gave us you.”

Through the Mama Bear and bear cub story, Bergren creates the perfect bedtime story which children all over the world enjoy. The next time you tuck your child in bed, read this top Christian children book to her.

She needs to know how precious she is in your sight and God’s sight, more importantly.

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8. Christmas in the Manger

Winter is just around the corner and your little ones may have questions about Christmas and the need to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Telling the story of Nativity has become pretty easy with this simple-to-use color book. The perk with this children book is the lyrical text contained in it.

Moreover, you no longer have to worry about getting your youngest child to understand Christmas and the need for trees and gifts.


9. What is Prayer?

No doubt, you know the answer to that. But does your child know? Valerie Carpenter’s book is a great read which explains prayer and emphasizes its importance.

Are you looking to help your child appreciate prayer and the need to talk to God and hear from him anytime and anywhere? This 32-page book is all you need.


10. The Toddler’s Bible

Your infant isn’t too little to know the story of creation, Noah and the flood or even the birth of Christ. With this Bible for toddlers, you can help your little son or daughter to keep God’s words in his/her heart.

V. Gilbert Beers and Claudine Gervy certainly produced an influential kid’s version of the Bible with the easy-to-read text and interesting illustrations.


11. Noah’s Ark

Sally Lloyd-Jones paints the picture of the time before the flood with an impressive ark-looking book. Apart from the fact that this book tells the story we all love to read, it engages children with the amazing pictures of the animals and old man Noah.


12. Prayers and Promises for My Little Girl

It’s amazing how bestselling author Stormie Omartian focuses on women, men, and kids. This excellent Christian book for children contains prayers which fathers, mother, and grandparents can say for their kids.

As your daughter listens to the prayers and promises and says “amen,” her heart will become closer to you and God. The book has got illustrations too!


13. Prayers and Promises for My Little Boy

In this book are prayers for boys to grow into godly men who would lead the church and show the society the way of the Lord.

Reading the prayers in the hearing of your son will cause him to open his heart to God and chase a life of holiness and faithfulness to God. Once again, Stormie Omartian wows me.


Bonus Recommendation

14. The Lost Pumpkin Halloween Adventure

Don’t you just love it when authors interweave parables from the Bible into their books?

If you’re a fan of that, make sure you check out this children’s book from Wanda Hernandez which is based on The Prodigal Son parable from the Gospel of Luke 15:11-32.

You’ll be taken on an adventure with the lost pumpkin as he leaves his home and travels to an unknown land called “Foolishness.” He discovers how God will love him no matter what which is what leads him back home.

This definitely connects with Psalm 94:14, “For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage.” You’ll get a chance to see how the Lord’s love is clearly illustrated in this delightful read which received the Dove seal of approval.

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The Bottom Line

There’s no denying the fact that there are millions of books in bookstores and libraries for children to read. Nonetheless, it’s important to carefully select the best Christian children books for your little ones.

No child is too small to read or listen to their parents read to them. Besides the fact that reading Christ-like content grows your children’s faith, it also strengthens their mental capacity.

In all, encourage your children to spend more time reading Christian books than other story books. Not only would they realize how much God loves them but they’d also appreciate how much they mean to you.

Do you know other Christian children books which should be on this list? I’d be glad to see you include them in the comments area below.

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