Christian Mystery Books

Woman reading christian mystery bookWhat comes to mind at the mention of “mystery?” For most people, it’s the picture of violence, abuse, drugs, murder, offensive words, and impurity. But with the best Christian mystery books, it’s different.

Suspense in Christian novels revolves around intriguing stories which unfold rather differently from what you imagined.

Christian mystery equally blends surprise with strange events that leave your mind wondering and keep your fingers glued to the pages.

With bestselling Christian mystery authors like Colleen Coble and Terri Blackstock, you get a reading experience that blows your mind. From the book covers to the narratives, the books in this list are clean mystery.

I hope you enjoy the selections!

Popular Christian Fiction Mystery Books

1. A Secret to Die For (Lisa HarrisSecret to Die For

Stuck in a web of secrets, murder, and friendship, Psychologist Grace Callahan is a complex character who considers death as a good option. From losing a client, Stephen Shaw, to reuniting with an old friend, Detective Nate Quinn, Grace Callahan becomes insecure knowing that her life is in danger and her secret is out there.

In this intriguing read, you’ll get to moments of epiphany and rethink your ideals, knowing that Callahan looks like the primary suspect. Is there something she isn’t saying? You’d need to read this mystery book to find out.

2. Where Shadows Meet (Colleen Coble)Where Shadows Meet: A Romantic Suspense Novel

Hannah faces the death of her parents and an abusive marriage. It’s painful that she assumed that Reece was a good man. But with the way he abuses her during her pregnancy, she decided to run away.

Again, she’s not only heartbroken by the fact that she had been with him when her parents died but she’s also frightened to admit that Reece may be the suspect for another murder.

Is Reece changed as he makes Hannah believe? Or is he the culprit behind the strange deaths? Colleen Coble is great at writing Christian mystery books which unites basic human themes of love, fear, and betrayal.

3. If I Run (Terri Blackstock)If I Run (If I Run Series)

Reading the If I Run series keeps you on the edge of your seat. And this is because Terri Blackstock has mastered the art of sharing God through interesting stories. Having accepted God, she decides to help other people realize that everything happens for a reason and God is aware of it all.

For Casey, it seems difficult to prove that she didn’t kill Brent. The bloodstains in her car and on her clothes prove otherwise and investigator Dylan Roberts won’t get off her case.

Does she get vindicated?

4. Darkwater Secrets (Robin Caroll)Darkwater Secrets (Darkwater Inn)

Learning of the death of a hotel guest changes everything for Adelaide Fountaine. Now, she is the General Manager at The Darkwater Inn, and Detective Beau, her childhood buddy who has loved her without her knowledge for many years, is on the case.

Beau is shocked about the things he discovers but he’s careful about pressuring Adelaide even though the facts include her in the murder. But then, Beau isn’t a saint either.

So, the suspense in the pages of this Christian mystery is all you need to get back into your reading habits. Besides, you could find God in the story of these victims.

5. A Vast and Gracious Tide (Lisa Carter)A Vast and Gracious Tide

Lisa Carter mixes some bit of romance in a local murder mystery. She connects Caden with a beautiful woman who was kind to him during his recovery from wounds sustained during war.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks provides him both love and an exciting puzzle to solve. If you prefer light mystery that doesn’t keep you anxious, this is one of the Christian mystery books that meet your need for suspense.

6. The House at Saltwater Point (Colleen Coble)The House at Saltwater Point (A Lavender Tides Novel)

In The House at Saltwater Point, you encounter a thrilling account involving murder and investigation for the truth. Ellie Blackmore, a house flipper, gets perturbed when her sister goes missing. Even though she suspects Mackenzie’s ex-husband, Ellie needs to know that her sister may have planned her death.

Grayson doesn’t seem like Ellie’s kind of person; hence, he finds it difficult explaining the true situation around her sister’s death to her. Since she already questions his intentions, it’s even more difficult to tell her the truth without altering her opinion of her sister. But he must act fast.

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7. Obsessed (Ted Dekker)Obsessed

Stephen Friedman soon learns something hidden about his family. Despite the simple life he leads, the sudden discovery changes everything for him. As he now knows that so much fortune awaits him, he treats the clue he has with every care.

However, Stephen’s life is at risk as Roth Braun, a serial killer, would do everything within his power to kill him. Both men want power but one person’s obsession puts the other man in grave danger.

8. The Masterpiece (Francine Rivers)The Masterpiece

Another of our popular Christian mystery books is Francine Rivers’ The Masterpiece. As you already know, this popular wordsmith is an expert at weaving suspense and new experiences around the lives of characters.

Roman Velasco and Grace Moore get involved with each other when she becomes his personal assistant. Roman is wealthy and successful but taunted by past demons while Grace has haunting secrets.

You’d want to know how things happen to change their lives and bring them together.

9. When Through Deep Waters (Rachelle Dekker)When Through Deep Waters

From strange voices and sights to remembering old times, Alicen McCaffrey fears she’s losing her sanity. One minute, she had everything that mattered. The next, she has nothing and she spends time remembering the times she spent with her grandmother.

She’s not sure if the strange happenings at Red Lodge would help or break her. And you can only be sure if you read to the end.

10. The Cost of Betrayal (Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey & Lynette Eason)Cost of Betrayal

“Betrayed,” “Deadly Isle,” and “Code of Ethics” are the three novellas that make this read one of the most fascinating new Christian mystery books around. The central theme in all is murder and the need to prove innocence or escape the enemy.

I call this a huge shot at writing mystery because it’s a combination of the expertise of three seasoned writers. Nothing could be more attention-grabbing than reading from the best Christian mystery writers in 2019.

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Wrapping It Up

Reading the best Christian mystery books allows you to confidently enjoy suspense and intrigue without being exposed to violence and unsettling mental pictures.

In this list, you find the best from expert suspense writers who get read by thousands and millions of people around the world.

Are you looking for mystery that keeps you asking questions and being entertained? These Christian fiction books are the best companions. I wouldn’t miss them. Would you?

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