Bibles on a BookshelfAll over the world, lives are being touched by the miraculous efforts which the American Bible Society puts into distributing the bible.

Making several versions of the Bible available in many languages increases the accessibility and comprehension of Biblical truths.

Troops, refugees, the sick, and even the uneducated can gain access to the amazing messages in the Scriptures, thanks to ABS.

In this post, you’ll discover the huge benefits associated with buying bibles in bulk. Irrespective of what quantity you need or what bible versions you seek, has got you covered.


Top Features of is owned and managed by the American Bible Society, a Christian-Based ministry that’s committed to spreading the gospel message to all nations of the world. For over 200 years, this international organization has invested in the sales and distribution of Bibles in myriads of versions around the globe.

Interestingly, when you decide to purchase bibles in bulk from ABS, you get some reasonable discounts which give you value for your money. Getting Scripture products in wholesale units comes with discounts depending on the case size you opt for.

Whether you’re an individual, a church, ministry, institutional center or part of the military, ABS supports your specific printing requests. Plus, ABS representatives are usually eager to understand your needs and come up with a discount plan that’s both cost-effective and satisfactory to both partners. You can receive discounts between 20% and 70%, and this is subject to the number of bibles in your selected case.

Categories of Bibles

Over 200 countries and territories have received bibles from the American Bible Society since it began operations in 1816. Such bibles fall in the categories below:

  • Languages
  • Versions
  • Occasions
  • Covering
  • Case Offerings

Languages supports bibles written in foreign languages which can easily be understood by people of all nations. TheDifferent language books attention to the linguistic differences of all humanity is a major upside with ABS, and it continually remains a winning factor for people who want to buy bibles wholesale.

The knowledge that you can buy bilingual bibles or even the American sign languages is sufficient reason to make your purchase with Some of the bilingual bibles include:


  • Spanish/English Bilingual New Testament (with discounts on case)
  • French – English New Testament (print on demand)
  • Spanish/English Bilingual Bible
  • Arabic – English Bilingual Bible
  • Korean – English Old Testament

And many more.

Bible Versions provides a variety of bible versions that constitute a rich collection of almost all existing translations. These are found below:

  1. King James Version
  2. Good News Translation
  3. Contemporary English Version
  4. Holman Christian Standard Bible
  5. New American Bible
  6. New King James Version
  7. Dios Habla Hoy
  8. New Jerusalem Bible
  9. New Revised Standard Version
  10. New Living Translation
  11. English Standard Version
  12. New International Version

All 12 versions and translations support different case prices. Hence, you can expect to get a favorable discount for whichever bible versions you choose. Buying bibles in bulk entails mixing up versions and translations so that you have the right balance and a bible for anyone.

Bibles for Any Occasion

If you’re looking to send a bible as a gift to your family, friends or church members, then has a perfect answer to your need. Occasions such as the following are ideal moments to share God’s unique message with a beloved or special individual:

  • Child Dedication
  • Mother’s Day
  • Hispanic Heritage MonthGirl giving a gift
  • Graduation
  • Christmas
  • Father’s Day
  • Black History
  • Easter
  • New Year
  • Communion
  • Celebration of Pastors
  • Christening/Baptismal Event
  • National Day of Prayer
  • Valentine’s Day

Inasmuch as these days are crucial and special in the life of someone you know, then you should make it worthwhile by sharing the salvation you’ve received with him/her. Instead of spending so much on expensive gifts that soon become forgotten, choose to purchase bibles in bulk so you can save money while providing for more souls.

Bible Coverings

When you buy bibles wholesale, you can also blend your choice of Bible coverings to make the process more enriching and colorful. Some people prefer hardback while others are more comfortable with leather coverings.

The available bible covers consist of:

  • Leather
  • Hard Cover
  • Paperback
  • Flex
  • Cased Set
  • Booklet
  • Bonded Leather
  • Imitation Leather

The luxuries that these coverings provide allow you to enjoy looking at your bible as well as being eager to study it. Remember that a package is as important as its content; hence, when you purchase bibles in bulk, look out for the right combination of bible covers. Think of them as a mixture of aesthetics and durability.

Case Offerings

Now that you know the large collection of bibles, versions, languages, and purposes that offers, let’s consider the case offerings. Various bibles including the best-selling bibles have case discounts that make them even more worthwhile.

    • SAVE $12 – Buy one DHH New Testament with Imprimatur, Spanish at $1.50 and get a case of 80 at $1.35 for each ($108 instead of $120)


    • SAVE $40 – Buy one King James Version Paperback New Testament at $1.69 and get a case of 80 at $1.19 for each ($95.20 instead of $135.20)


    • SAVE $14.40 – Buy one CEV Extreme Faith Youth Paperback Bible at $4.59 and get a case of 24 at $3.99 for each ($95.76 instead of $110.16)


    • SAVE $28.00 – Buy one Outreach Bible NIV International Version at $4.99 and get a case of 28 at $3.99 for each ($111.72 instead of $139.72)


    • SAVE $14.40 – Buy one NRSV New Revised Standard Version Bible at $5.79 and get a case of 24 at $5.19 for each ($124.56 instead of $138.96)


    • SAVE $48 – Buy one ESV English Standard Version Outreach Bible at $5.99 and get a case of 24 at $3.99 for each ($95.76 instead of $143.76)


For individuals who are interested in academic resources, you can get the Hebrew Texts and Greek Text with bestselling bibles that come with up to a 40% discount (especially for students). You’ll also find other resources that make your study more fulfilling and life-changing.


All in all, buying bibles in bulk at allows you to address your specific needs as far as Scripture products are concerned. The discounts are reasonable enough to accommodate a variety of bible versions, languages, coverings, and bible gifts. Besides, the payment options are flexible; hence, you can send money without any issues.

So, if you’re convinced that you need Outreach bibles or other collections of bibles for your congregation or individuals, is the way to go.

Make sure you bookmark Christian Book Review for more enriching reviews of Christian resources including bibles and Christian-based literature.

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